Birthday Cruise Coordinator

I am currently coordinating a birthday celebration aboard a Caribbean Cruise. As part of my service for the “Birthday Girl”, I have created the birthday cruise invitations and a cruise information packet to provide to her invitees. I have also created a personal birthday cruise website and a personal cruise agenda. I have reserved a meeting room aboard the ship and ordered a cake & cocktails for her birthday group celebration and I have also created a port informational to provide to everyone in their cruise confirmation package. It is going to be a Funtastic Cruise.

I find it very rewarding to coordinate special events like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Reunions and other types of Affinity groups because I have the privilege meet with people, customize their package and see & listen to their happiness prior, during and post trip. I truly enjoy coordinating cruise celebrations.

Happy Sailings,

Caribbean Cruise Counsellor
Affinity Group Cruise Coordinator


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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Wine tasting is a good niche as well. I will keep you in mind for wine tasting prospects.

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  3. Cruises are such a good idea for special celebrations! There are so many varieties of activities that there is absolutely something for everyone invited to the party!

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